CCC/ICT in Hindi

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  1. Introduction to Computer in hindi
  2. History of Computer
  3. Classification of computer in hindi
  4. Component of Computer in hindi
  5. Printer in hindi
  6. CPU in hindi
  7. computer memory in hindi
  8. Number system in hindi
  9. Operating System in hindi
  10. MicroSoft Windows in hindi
  11. Linux operating system in hindi
  12. Libre Office in hindi
  13. INTERNET in hindi
  14. Programming Language in hindi
  16. Email in hindi
  17. Social networking (सोशल नेटवर्किंग):-
  18. E-commerce in hindi
  19. Cyber space and cyber security and Cyber attacks
  20. Computer Networking
  21. Digital fainasial Services
  22. Overview of Futureskills