working process of computer

Working process of computer---

Computer takes raw infomation(or data) from Input Devices , stores it until it's ready to work on it, Processing data in CPU and after it its gives a meaning full information by Out-put Devices.

working process of computer
working process of computer

Computer Parts--

Computer have three part fist-INPUT DEVICE(Keyboard, Mouse etc), second-PROCESS DEVICE(CPU) and third-OUTPUT DEVICE(Monitor,Printer etc).
(after some chapter I will explain it deeply) ,Near about all the work of computer done by this parts. Example of this work-- if we cook a vegetable then what we do? First in all we clean and cut the vegetable and packed in cooker (input)-then cooking on gas stove (processing)-and it cooked (output).
 Same it is the condition of computer first we give input and after processing computer give us meaningful information .

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