what is personal information why it necessary to protect and type of information

what is personal information why it necessary to protect and type of information--

protect personal information
protect personal information

 Aim of this Lesson-

As we know that all the our information are spread on all over internet in many formate , many way, many website, as fb ,whats up, twitter etc But do you know any information is not safe and protected, if any body wants they can misuse all our information .In this Lesson we shall know that how we can protect , organize and maintain personal information collections, and methods that can People may manage information in a variety of setting , for a variety of reasons. In this seminor we shall also know how our infromation can be misused and how we protect it , how we can get loses personal information and how we can protect this type of loses appart from this we shall also know that how we can share information in social media and its privacy tools.

Personal info --

Personal info is any piece of data that relates to a living, identifiable human being. People's names, address, telephone number, age, health, financial and educational information, and identifying numbers and symbols like a student number and employee number. Any information about an identifiable individual is that persons personal information contact details, financial , purchase records: anything that you can look at and say "this is about an identifiable person".

Type of Information

Public Information ----

Public information is that type of information whiich we can use as publicly as name ,nick name etc.

Internal information ---

Internal information is that type of informatin which we can use as s internal uses in office,bank,school etc.

Confidential Information--

Confidential information is that type of information which we can use with ourselfs means we can not share with any one as Password , OTP ,etc.

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