start c language coding my first programme

start c language coding my first programme---

In this Lesson we will learn that how we develop our first programming in c language by the help of turbo c++

C ---

To c language we need a Compiler and a editing tool so ,fist in all we install our computer “TurboC++ ” that is a application for Compiling and editing both. After install we open it.It opened

c programming
c programming

Step to run program—

(i) click on file menu>new
(ii)write program on the given screen.

Program 1

void main()
int A,B,C;

first c programming
c programming

(iii) we have a tendency to save by giving a reputation as atul.c (.c could be a extention field officer c language). You can save as any name.

(vi)compile the programe click on compile menu. It gives list of error if find .

(v)Run the programe click on run menu. It gives output as

first c programming
first c programming

if you wants to go main page of C Language coding course for beginners then you can Clik Here!

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