Programming terms programming type Generation Assembler Compiler Interpreter

Programming terms programming type Generation Assembler Compiler Interpreter--

in this lesson we will study about programming types , programming Generation , about assembler, compiler and interpreter etc.


Program is a set of computer understandable instructions to solve a computational problem. Task of developing the programs is called programming,And the person engaged in programming activity is called a programmer.

programming term
programming term

Programing is two type--

Linear Programming—

Linear Program is a method for straight forward programming in a sequential manner. This type of programming doesn't involve any higher cognitive process.

Structured Programming-

One of the most versatile properties of digital computer is that it can make a “decision”, thus creating a branching point.

Generation Of Programming Languages--

(i)First-Generation Language:Machine Language(1940-50)

(ii)Second-Generation Language:Assembly Languages(1958-85)
(iii)Third-Generation Language:Procedural languages(1958-85)

(iv)Fourth-Generation Language:4Gls(1985-Onwards)

(v)Fifth-Generation Language:Visual/Graphic Languages(1990-Onwards)


An assembly program could be a program that is employed to translate associate programming language Program into its machine-level language equivalent. The Program is termed a source code and its machine Language equivalent is called object program.


For execution of high-level Language programs, it is required to translate them into machine-level language equivalent.The system Programs used to do are called compilers.By and large all the high-level languages are compiler-based languages are C, Cobal, Pascal, and Fortran .


It is also used for translating high-level language Program into machine-level language. The Main difference between compiler and interpreter is that compiler translates entire program first and then produces the list of errors, while the interpreters perform line by line translation as seen as the error is encountered, interpretation process stops. Due to line by line translation, interpreters are slower than compilers. The most well –known interpreter based language is BASIC.

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