learn html elements and structure

Structuring on HTML document-

learn html elements and structure
learn html elements and structure

An HTML document’s basic structur is realy just a series of large containers, inside of which you define the two main section of your page .

(i) Document head.
(ii) Document body.

(i)Document head-

The contains information about the document that is not displayed on the screen .

(ii)Document Body-

The body that contains every things else that is displayed as part of the web page.



<!—header info used to contain extra information about this document, not displayed on the page-->



<!—all the html for display-->



Tag is a mechanism to mark up text – based document in to Hypertext markup language. IN this language a special code are used for formatting both layout and style, with in a text .The code used to specify the formatting are called tag.

It Present by less-than (<) and greater than (>) symbols. It Indicate (<>) start point and stop (</>) of an element in grammatical rule of HTML.


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