Introduction of html

HTML Introduction--

The full form of HTML is hyper text mark-up language, means to increase text value, style, design, etc.

Prior to electronic commercial enterprise, plain text would be foul with directions to the typographer. These directions would indicate that text were a heading, quotation, caption etc.
Based on the markup, the text would be styled using the appropriate etc. 

IN this language a special code are used for formatting both layout and style, with in a text .The code used to specify the formatting are called tag.

Introduction of html
Introduction of html


In 1993 published the first “internet draft” proposal for an HTML specification by Tim Berners Lee & Dan Connolly, but this draft expired after six month. In 1995 IETF (internet engineering task fours) completed “HTML 2.0” that is treated as a standard language .In 2000 HTML 4.01 developed by W3C (World Wide Web consortium), in 28 October 2014 HTML-5 published by WHATWG (web hypertext application technology working group) and W3C as joint team.

As we know that now website is very famous thing all over world website are used most places as education fild , Bussiness fild etc. So we can learn here that how a websites are built and its realeted language.

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