Introduction of Computer and Explanation about Computer

Introduction of Computer and Explanation about Computer--

In this Lesson we will study about computer information


Full-Form of Computer is

U-Used for
R-And Research

computer information
computer information

First in all we will know that what is computer?


Computer is a electronic machine which accept data from external world and after processing its gives a meaning full information. The work of computer like a washing machine as input we give cloths, water etc, and after processing (cleaning cloth) machine give us a clean cloth. Or we can say that if we cook vegetable then what do?
First in all we clean and cut the vegetable and packed in cooker (input)-
then cooking on gas stove (processing)-
and it cooked (output)-. Same it is the condition of computer first we give input and after processing computer give us meaningful information

Let us think why computer is a machine ?

Computer is a machine because all the character of machine in find in computer as
machine can not work itself it is same as computer,
machine never tired it is same as computer ,
machine can not work with its own energy it is same as computer. So we can say that computer is a machine.

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