History of Computer

History of Computer—

First in all Abacus was developed by Egyptions and Indian in the 10th century B.C. In the late seventeenth century, the year 1614, when John Nopier solved multiplication problems using a set of rods name’s Napier’s Bones.

History of Computer
History of Computer


In 1642, Blaise Pascal Invented the First calculator-type adding machine. It worked by using toothed wheels and did addition and subtraction, but could not perform multiplicaiton and division . This machine was called Pascaline.

Development Process of Computer--

Thirty years Later Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz improved Pascaline and called it ,Stepped Reckoner or Leibnitz Machine.It could multiply or devide as well as find square roots. It also used toothed wheels. After 150 years during the 18th Century , Charles Babbage put his ideas into shape and created a machine called the Difference Engine, in 1823, he developed his machine which used punched card as base. Since This machine worked on mechanical gears. Meanwhile, in USA , in 1890, Herman and Hollerith Came with the idea of using punched card.Hollerith then formed a company of his own, which later on merged with what is now know as IBM(International Business Machine) in 1930, Howard Aiken and Grace Hopper got together and built a computer, known as the Mark1. This was the first electromechanical Computer. Charles Babbage is thought because the father of pc.

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