Glossary of web for html coding beginners

Glossary of web for html coding beginners--

First in all we know that some important word about website and its language-

Glossary of web for html coding beginners
Glossary of web for html coding beginners


Webpage is a web document that is usually written in HTML (hypertext markup language) or comparable markup language that is accessible through the internet or other network using an Internet browser.


website is a collection of related web pages which stored and published on at least one web server. All Website is accessed by its address known as URL (Uniform Resource Locator).


Browser is computer application software which is used to display webpage on monitor from retrieve to web server.

(iv)Web Server-

The Web pages, web application and web document on the Internet are stored on the computers that are connected to the Internet. These computers are known as Web servers.

(v) Domain Name-

Every machine on the Internet is identified by a numerical address known as IP address this representation is not user friendly, IP address is mapped to domain Name like which is easier to remember. Domain name is a transformation of IP address.

(vi) Hosting server-

A Hosting server is used for hosting webpage, web file, image, video, song etc. It makes their website accessible via the World Wide Web.


A home page refers to the Web page that identifies the Website And contains the hyperlinks to other Web pages in a Website. A Website may have hundreds of pages or may consist of one page only That called home page it’s like a master page of all pages.


The World Wide Web (WWW) or W3 is a collection of linked documents Or pages stored on millions of computers and distributed across the Internet.


The word ‘Internet’ is derived from two words: Interconnection and Network.
The Internet is essentially a network of networks that facilitates knowledge transmission and exchange, Across the million of domestic, academic, business and government networks.
It is a world, publicly accessible network that enables sharing of files and other resources Using protocols through the transmission media.

(X) http-

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) HTTP is a protocol that facilitates accessing hypertext documents.
It is designed Specifically for the World Wide Web at CERN.
It is supported the consumer/server principle that enables the client to create a reference to the server and so place letter of invitation.
The server services that request ANd sends an acceptable reply to the consumer.

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