Components in C Language as Data Type Variables Keywords

Components in C Language as Data Type Variables Keywords--

There are five main components of C Language , Character Set, Data Types Variables , Constant, Keywords that are explained in this Lesson

Components of C Language---

There are five main componets of C Language-

 (i) Character Set.

 (ii) Data Types.


 (iv) Constant .

(v) Keywords.

(i)Character Set—

Any alphabet,digit, or special symbol used to represent information is denoted by a character. The Characters in C are grouped into four categeries.-

 (a)Letters:A-Z or a-z


 (c)Special Symbols:~ ! @ # etc

(d)White Space:Blank space, horizontal tab, Carriage return, new line

(ii)Data Type-

The data type of a variable is type of data it can store.In Other word “The way a value stored in variable in interpreted is known as its data type.” The power of a programing language depends, among other things, on the range of Different type of data it can to handle five primary data type, namely Character, Integer, Float and Void and several Secondry data type like array, Pointer, Structure, Union and enumeration.

c data type
c data type

(a)Primary Data Type-

Primary data type are the ones that are in built with C language.

(b)Secondary data type—

Secondary data type are that type of data type that created by own.


A variable can be thought of as a symbolic representation of address of the memory space where values can be stored, accessed and changed. A variables is an entity whose value can change during program execution.

(iv)Constants –

Constants is C refers to fixed values that do not change during the execution of a progream.

(v)Keywords or Reserved Words—

Every language contains certains words that have specific predefined meaning associated with item such words are known as keywords---As—int, double, struct, break, else, if, union, do etc. In C language we find 32 keywords as—

keywords in c programming
keywords in c programming 


A Token is a group of characters separated from other group of characters by one or more white space. As—India is my country.

 Token no 1.- India

 Token no 2.- is

Token no 3.- my

 Token no 4.-country.

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