Classification of Computer basis on Size

Classification of Computer basis on Size--

Classification of computer basis on size are given below--

(i)Micro-PC—Micro –

Computer are littler than scaled down and mainfraim PCs .It structured with Micro-Processor a basic machine that we can use in day by day life. PC is a Micro-Computer. A microcomputer's CPU incorporates irregular access memory (RAM), read-just memory (ROM) memory, input/yield (I/O) ports, interconnecting wires and a motherboard.

micro computer
micro computer

(ii) Minicomputer -

A minicomputer are bigger than miniaturized scale however littler than centralized server PCs. A minicomputer is a kind of PC that has the greater part of the highlights and abilities of an extensive PC however is littler in physical size. Minicomputers are mostly utilized as little or mid-extend servers working business and logical applications. In any case, the utilization of the term minicomputer has decreased and has converged with servers. Minicomputers may contain at least one processors, bolster multiprocessing and entrusting, and are commonly flexible to high outstanding tasks at hand. Despite the fact that they are littler than centralized server or supercomputers, minicomputers are more incredible than PCs and workstations.


Mainframe Computer are bigger than smaller scale and centralized computer Computers , all centralized computers PCs can run (or host) numerous working frameworks. Centralized computers are intended to deal with high volume info and yield (I/O) and stress throughput processing. A solitary centralized server can supplant handfuls or even many littler servers.Its handle extensive measure of information .This sort of PC are use in Bussiness, money related, ordering, correlations, and so on)

mainframe computer
mainframe computer

(iv)Supper Computer -

Supper PC is the biggest and Fastest PC in all computer.This sort of PC utilized in Scientific research,weather and estimating .

mainframe computer
mainframe computer

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