Classification of Computer Based on Purpose

Classification of Computer Based on Purpose--

Classification of computer based on purpose in given below--

(i)Analog Computer—

By Analog Computer we can calculate data from start point to end point and every point from start to end ,Such type of data includes temperature, pressure, speed weight, voltage, depth etc.
The meter of a automotive measures speed, the modification of temperature is measured by a measuring system, the weight is measured by Weights machine.
Analog computers area unit wide used surely specialised engineering and scientific applications, for calculation and activity of analog quantities. They are frequently used to control process such as those found in oil refinery where flow and temperature measurements are important and in paper making and in chemical industry.

Analog Computer
Analog computer

(ii)Digital PC—

Digital Computer work by 2 issue ON and Off(0,1) consistent with this idea we will calculate solely begin purpose and stop purpose, we will not scan the each purpose. A data {processor|electronic computer|information processing system} is accustomed process numeric still as non-numeric knowledge. It will perform arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and also logical operations. Most of the computers obtainable these days area unit digital computers. The most common samples of digital computers area unit laptop computer, accounting machines and calculators.

digital computer
digital computer

(iii)Hybrid Computer-

Hybrid Computer are the Combination of both digital and analog in this computer the Part work measuring and digital part calculating. ATM machine is good example of Hybrid Computer more example of this computer are given below— (i) petrol pump contains a processor that converts fuel flow measurements into quantity and price values. (ii)In hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU), an analog device is used which measures patient's blood pressure and temperature etc, which are then converted and displayed in the form of digits.

Difference Between Digital Computer and Analog Computer---

(i) In digital we can calculate only start point and end point but in analog we can calculate every point.
(ii) digital computers count and analog computers measures.

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