what is Automata hypothesis or Automata theory

what is Automata hypothesis or Automata theory--

the automata hypothesis is a part of Theory of Computation, its a area that covered more definition , property and model in computation

what is  Automata hypothesis
what is  Automata hypothesis  

Automata hypothesis --

Automata Theory manages definitions and properties of various sorts of "calculation models". Precedents of such models are:
  • Limited Automata or Finite Automata. These are utilized in content handling, compilers, and equipment plan. 
  • Context Free Grammars. These are utilized to characterize programming dialects what's more, in Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Turing Machines. These frame a basic unique model of a "genuine" PC, for example, your PC at home.

in this hypothesis we study that how we can calculate computation problem on computer how much come difficulty and how we can solve it for computer .

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